Relative Intensity Collection

The process of transmitting and receiving electromagnetic signals is very physical: matter moves in rhythms syncopated by the speed of light and the dimensions of the materials it traverses. Antennas are designed with specific shapes and sizes optimized for particular types of transmissions and their corresponding frequencies.

In our world of embedded, pervasive, wearable technologies we are encompassed by such a variety of signals that we can rethink this relationship between signals and shapes: what are the signals that reverberate with specific bodies? Can we (re-)sensitize ourselves to these meshes of planetary reach and affect?

This is a collection of wearable antennas made of copper, brass and semi-precious stones modeled after the shapes and sizes of body parts, sections, appendages, … They are meant to be worn around the part of the body from which they were modeled, creating an additional connection between the original template body and that of the wearer.