Given the complexities of our hybrid and hyper-connected world, it is necessary to rethink how we want to connect, create and live within networks. In a world where a virus is not just a biological issue, it is impossible to try to understand our situation without recognizing the networks and signals that cross and connect us. We are part of invisible systems whose signals permeate and reverberate within us, but our lack of sensitivity to them makes us even more passive within these networks.

It is important to know how to experience a world where the ontological divisions between humans/non-humans, natural/cultural, bodies/machines, subjects/objects no longer make much sense. We need to learn to guide ourselves “by the pleasure in the confusion of boundaries and the responsibility in creating these temporary, provisional, problematic connections” (Haraway).

outra.s, is a project developed in social isolation. It’s an eCommerce platform for the commercialization of sculptures and performances to promote a hybrid wellbeing that considers all the people in our networks, not just human ones.